I am an ARTIST !

At the age of 6 years, I enrolled at the conservatory to learn to play piano and discover the world of music theory. Very curious, I also followed acting classes and tried the guitar. Graduate of the conservatory, I am interested in cinema. I was appearing in several french movies and I even had a role in a short film ! More over, i loooove to read books … and I wrote a short sorry !


Very curious and passionate about science, I read a lot of reviews on the subject. I got my A-levels / high school diploma of science with honors at the end of my high school. It is a world that fascinates me and constantly challenge and made ​​my imagination.


Video editing is my greatest passion. Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effect … for several years, I made ​​many promotional videos for individuals or companies. I also created and chaired my own audiovisual association. My talents in video editing has earned me a reputation in my business school.

I am a GEEK !

I love the computer. This world has no limits for me. Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, WordPress, Microsft Word, Ableton Live, EXCEL, ACCESS, PowerPoint … I spend a lot of time on my Mac and my curiosity always leads me to discover and exploit this wonderful world wich is Internet.


I am studying in a business school BBA EDHEC. I created my own audiovisual association. I am actually the president and I manage more than 20 people. I organise  and supervise events and projects for more than 1500 people. Very creative, I combine my artistic side and my business side to create. My language skills help me very much. I speak, read and write French, Turkish, English, Spanish …)


Finally, I am not just an intellectual. I played tennis for many years. Then I tried the golf … and I liked it. I joined the junior team of the Paris Golf & Country Club and participated in the qualifications of the championship of France, in Junior category.







Self-employed in Audiovisual: Creation of my “own-company”. I propose to make (writing, filming and editing) corporate videos for companies.

EXTIA - Audiovisual Communication Manager

EXTIA – PARIS (Engineering consulting firm): Job Creation – Mainly in charge of all the audiovisual projects for the company EXTIA (800 employees).

ERASMUS - Finland - Helsinki - 1 semester

Echange Student: At Haaga Helia Business University in Helsinki during one semester.

NEYPO - Community Manager / Communication Manager

NEYPO – LILLE: Communication and Community Manager in a French fashion start-up, Neypo.

BUZZ - Creator & President

Creation and presidency of the association of audiovisual “BUZZ ESPEME”, responsible for filming ESPEME associative events then, make post production work.

BDE - Secretary-General and Artistic Creator

Secretary-General and Artistic Creator in the french Student Union of BBA EDHEC. Responsible for administrative tasks and the creation of videos and posters for BDE events (communication).

PARIS COUNTRY CLUB - Communication Responsible and customer service

Communication Officer at Paris Golf & Country Club – 92500 Rueil Malmaison – the first month and the second month customer service.


Member of the events division in the association BDA (Arts Office for students) in BBA EDHEC.

CINEMA - Figuration film + Short Film Role

Figurant in the french movie « 20 years away » released on March 6th 2013 and have a role of bartender in the turc short film « the little black fish ».


One-week course. Discovery of commercial job in Thales Airborne System – Élancourt – 78851.

Final Cut Pro X


Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe After Effect




Adobe Illustrator




Ableton Live


Microsoft Office (W, Ex, PP, Access)


Do you want to know more about my Audiovisual Association BUZZ ? BUZZ

I learned how to use WordPress in few hours, and created this WebSite in just one month !

Did YouKnow N°1 - WordPress

I am Graduate Of the Conservatory of Suresnes in 1999 (Near Paris). I learn Piano, Music Theory and Theatre. I started Piano when I was 6 Years Old. After that, I tried to learn to play Guitar (acoustic and electric).

Did You Know N°2 - Conservatory

I learn to making video with Final Cut and After Effect in few months. My talents in video editing has earned me a reputation in my business school and around me (Friends, Family, Professionals ...). I created my Audiovisual Association "BUZZ" juste 6 Months after I did my first Video with Final Cut Pro and After Effect.

Did You Know ? N°3 - Videos with FCPX and AE

I am Graduate of the A-Levels / High School Diploma of Science with Honors.

Did You Know ? N°4 - Science Diploma

I Created an Audiovisual Association called BUZZ which I am currently President. I actually Manage more than 20 members of my Association. During a big Event we organized, I Spock to more than 500 people.

Did You Know N°6 - BUZZ

I Participated of the qualifications of the France Junior Golf Championship. Effectively, I play Golf and I was in the Junior Team of Paris Golf & Country Club during 5 years. Before this, I practiced Tennis during few years, when I was a child.

Did You Know N°6 - Golf

I did my exchange in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, during 1 semester.

Did you know n°7 - ERASMUS

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