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An Audiovisual Association

I had the idea to create this Association in 2013. BUZZ films BBA EDHEC Association’s events and realizes teasers, Corporate Videos, Flyers …

The « RECAP »

The « RECAP » is a big event we organized this year, with more than 400 students. To know what it is, watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Course Croisière EDHEC

The EDHEC Sailing Race is the biggest Association’s event in Europe. We filmed and realized 4 Videos Corporate for some of their partners : TOTAL, XEROX, LA POSTE and SNCF.

An Association with a great Future

BUZZ was created just one year ago, in 2013. Today, I Manage more than 20 members, we organized one of the biggest event in BBA EDHEC and we work with the CCE !


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